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Cold-Case Video Features

We produce videos which profile cold-cases in West Virginia and bordering states. 

Our Approach

Working directly with law enforcement, family and friends, MysteriousWV produces in-depth video features which endeavor to tell as much about each individual case as possible. As a general rule there is no time limit. Even the most complicated of unsolved crimes are covered.

Recommendations and Requests Welcome

We welcome case suggestions and requests from family, friends, law enforcement and regular viewers. 

Featured Cases


Missing Persons

Unsolved Murders

Unsolved Murders

Annita Price

Missing Since: 1974

Location: Moundsville, WV


Unsolved Murders

Unsolved Murders

Unsolved Murders

Theresa Woods

Death: 1986

Location: Oak Hill, WV

Cause of Death: Uncertain


John/Jane Doe

Unsolved Murders

John/Jane Doe

Wetzel County Jane Doe

Found: 1983

Death: 2 Days Prior

Manner of Death: Homicide

Cause of Death: Suffocation

Most Recent Video Feature

CASE STUDY: The Matewan Massacre

Location: Matewan, WV

Date: May 19th, 1920

Details: A modern CSI-type examination of a shootout which occurred in Matewan, WV in 1920. Using the original trial transcripts this video examines the incident from the viewpoint of a crime scene investigator. May 19th, 2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of this historic event. 

Cold-Case Videos

Unsolved Murders

The taking of another human life is one of the worst possible crimes. We produce video features which profile post-1950 unsolved homicides in an attempt to bring the killer or killers to justice. Using a variety of sources we endeavor to tell the story of each person and what is known about their murder and subsequent investigation.

John & Jane Does

When a human being can not be identified they are routinely categorized as John Does and Jane Does. We present what is known about each individual, how and when they were found and how they met their fate..if known.

Missing Persons

Not knowing what has become of a friend or loved one can be a helpless feeling. Our features present as much information as possible concerning the individual or individuals being sought and provide viewers with the means to report any information they may have to law enforcement or other contacts.

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