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We take unsolved crimes and other cold-cases and turn them into comprehensive video narratives. We strive to get as many eyes on these video features as possible to increase the chances of resolution.  

Features & Exposure

MysteriousWV draws from a variety of sources...including independent photography and videography... to produce a thoroughly informative and entertaining video feature.  These videos are profiled on YouTube and linked to as many other sites and sources as possible.

Sources & Material

MysteriousWV takes a level, compassionate and respectful approach to telling the tales of the "unsolved." Any and all information and material pertinent to the case at hand is utilized to its fullest extent. Photos, videos, films, audio recordings, police reports, news articles and first-hand information are the tools of our trade.  

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Missing Loved Ones....Homicides....Unsolved Crimes....John Does....Jane Does

All of their stories deserve to be told. If you know of an unsolved or cold-case in West Virginia or a bordering state please let us know...maybe we can help.